apple mac support


We all love to use our Macs but when it all goes wrong, you need somewhere to turn with confidence.

If you own an Apple Mac, are considering a purchase or are having problems you might need a specialist.

we can help you with

Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist

a personal service

If you have a problem with a computer we can help you to get back on track, and it needn't cost you the Earth.

Some people find large computer stores impersonal and unhelpful. We are different.

We have the expertise and experience to help you to implement anything from the most simple file or printer share to far more complex and versatile systems.

We have been working with OS X since beta testing in 2000.

our experience

10 years plus with:


We respect your privacy and do not look at your files unless essential to complete the job in hand.


We give advice on upgrading older computers and on buying new ones. We help our clients to decide on exactly what they need to purchase.

We will even help you to buy online if you prefer.

how are we different?

We work with Apple and Microsoft products where appropriate. We are impartial and advocate the use of either system dependant upon the circumstances.