monthly packages

Our monthly packages allow you to get the same services but at reduced rates, giving you a more predictable idea of cost. You can monitor your monthly usage via an online calendar. Sign up.

These packages can be used for remote technical & administrative support, design work, on-site visits & training.

Package Support time per month Houry rate Monthly Cost*





30 min+




1 hr+




2 hr+




5 hr+




10 hr+



*Monthly Costs here assume that the minimum hours/minutes per package are used. Packages are flexible, therefore 3.5 hours per month would fit into the “Two” package and cost £94.50 per month

screen sharing

We are now making use of remote screen sharing software. This allows us to be more effective when working remotely saving money, time and energy.*

We help you to install a small piece of free software on your Mac or PC. When you run this software, you can then provide us with a secure code so we can see what you are doing on your screen.

When you quit the program, the session is over and we can no longer see your screen.

The whole process can be reversed so that we can demonstrate things to you during training sessions.

Further mutual cost savings can also be utilised by the use of internet telephony services like Skype, just ask.

*Minimum system requirements for screen sharing are; Broadband connectivity to the Internet, Intel-based Macs on 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion or for PCs; XP, Vista or Windows 7. Mac OS 10.4 Tiger and below and PPC-based Macs are not supported for screen sharing.

pay per minute

Time spent working on supporting you and your projects is logged per minute. Sign up for a monthly package.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment. Payment is calculated by calendar month and payable in advance.
  2. Minimum Period. By signing up for a monthly package with JCC Creative, you become eligible for reduced hourly rates. This is dependent upon an initial three month minimum period. Any cancellation within this period may result in you being charged for the full three month amount at our discretion.
  3. Payment method. This is normally by standing order and we ask respectfully to be kept informed of any changes to the standing order. Alternatively, you can pay in advance for either three month or six month periods by cheque or by direct bank transfer. If any of these methods are inconvenient, ask and we might be able to help.
  4. Change the amount. If at any time you would like to increase or decrease the amount of hours you require, please discuss this with us first. Please remember that it may put you into a different package/price band which would alter the hourly rate that you pay.
  5. Cancellation. After the initial three month period, we require one months notice for the cancellation of a monthly package. Sudden cancellations may result in you receiving an invoice for the outstanding amount.
  6. Support time not used. Hours or minutes not used in a given month may be carried forward to the next month but please speak to us. In principle, we don’t want you to pay for unused time but it can be impractical for us to manage excessive build ups. Packages are flexible so if you regularly under use, it would be best to talk to us about reducing your monthly payments.
  7. Calculating time. Each support call or block of work carried out by us is recorded by the minute and a calendar can be made available for you to monitor.
  8. On-site and travel. Packages and costs are designed for remote working and do not include travel time and expenses. An on-site visit may incur a cost for travel time and for motoring costs.