software training

We provide flexible on-site training, truly tailored to your needs in;

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Many certificated courses are very generalised and people can be left disappointed...

we offer something different

Rather than offering fixed courses, we teach you what you need to know to achieve your specific goals.

Our customised training will help to improve your productivity by getting the most out of your staff and software.

We focus on your organisation's individuality and uniqueness. After looking at your budget and learning requirements, we design an appropriate programmes for you.

We usually work face-to-face and one-to-one but are also experienced in teaching groups.

teaching style

Our training is task based rather than software focused.

For example, if you just need to professionally sharpen up and brighten photographic images, you don't need to learn the whole of Adobe Photoshop to do so. Why waste time and money?

We aim to build competence by building confidence.

We communicate computer concepts without intimidating and confusing jargon, where we need to use specialist terms, we explain them fully and clearly.

Our training is inclusive, dynamic, interactive and we encourage self-reliance.

We also provide first class aftercare and ongoing support. We don't see a lack of knowledge, we see an opportunity to learn and believe in giving positive encouragement.

value for money

By looking at your situation in a holistic way, we can save you time and money with targetted training.

Our rates are very competitive and the price is the same regardless of how many people participate.

What's more, your staff won't have to travel, incur expenses, and they will be learning in their actual work situation, on your own machines, with your own software.